Call it a night

There has been an ache;
In head, in heart, and in my make.
There was a scream,
Nobody listened, none is awake.
There is a hubbub;
The glass, a heart- a break.
There are two hands, two thoughts and one life to take.
There is an option;
Hold or hold tight.
There comes a call,
There, there! It’s gonna be alright.
There’s one somebody in my room, on my bed;
Me and my hand he holds; he’s not alive.
I’ve had no nightmares,
I haven’t slept so sound for awhile.
And then there comes dawn! But,
The night of the night still has to hold on.
You never really know what’s gonna hit and how!
It’s my word against mine; it’s me for me now.
It hurts, it happens.
But for one last time, give it a fly?
To wake up another morning,
To have another toss and turn night.
To have an ache, to scream again.
To have two thoughts, and a choice of no more pain.

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