It’s About A Boy

His is the smile I get framed with,
He is that drop-dead hero I hymned my Valentine’s with.
His is the heart which breathed that I’m his second self- I’ve met his self, no one else.
He has had the custody to babysit me- whether I am fit with anybody else.
With made-up stories, we have had short-long drives,
I have painted the town red- on all his happy days!

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane.
Do you think back on my bad times? The days when he would hold my hand and get me to nap halfway in the lecture?
He knew I was wasted, I would hold his little finger and he would walk me through funny textures.

I can break the news to him; yes, I can sketch what’s in his imagination with one eye at him,
I can be his God fairy, and do odds possible to get him smile; it looks good on him.

It’s about the boy I love so so much!
He cares for it much, but the destiny doesn’t care enough.
Who am I? A lost and gone friend and how,
I should take your leave; here comes a shade of less ill friends uniting now.
How did we come into being?
A circle and we shared his vibe;
How are we winding-up?
He has met my name, I sense his pain,
And it’s the very same circle, but,
My vibe is lost, his is missed,
We don’t care enough.


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