To People with Haemoglobin

My mind blows seeing
Just how lucky you are
With normal blood red blood
Filling them vampire’s jam jar
A great favor to them you do
They seem to like this delicacy too
Smart types know it’s rich in proteins
When accompanied with plenty of beans
To make the meal even more healthy
Why not add caviar if you’re wealthy
The not-well-off I’m afraid
Wait for the next time they get paid

But what them vamps just hate
Is what they call a huge mistake
For I have not tasty
Nourishing and filling
Satisfying and scrumptious
Alas, when I was born they say
It was on a hot sunny day in May
There was no water; they needed a liquid
Why not use ink? For a pound a quid
And here I am with the stuff in my veins
Quite a shocking hue of blue I maintain
Though it sometimes turns green,
Crimson and blue-black
O! How I wish for that haemoglobin I lack


Post 41.png

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