A Poem Beyond The Scope Of Words

Post 54.pngPoem “A Poem Beyond The Scope Of Words” by Alika

For the first time in a while
my toes touched the early morning floor.
The cold of the floor travelled through my veins and came out of my ear pores.
I was all set to write a poem;
A poem about me
and the intriguing world that surrounds my being.
Went out to the woods as there is where my words reside
and elves and nymphs choose to hide.
Took the colour from a million flowers,
poured it into a silver jar.
Stole my mother’s favourite pen,
polished it to the heart’s content.
Oh now comes the time to ink it down,
the poem that I wished to write.
With all my mind’s might,
I try to bring the lovers together.
But the quill refuses to meet the paper
As the words are not there to unite,
and I can hear the lamenting paper and see through the pensive pen’s plight.
My head is a pretty restless place.
It tells me stories which defy the laws of time and that of space.
But here when I sit down to write,
it leaves my hand and is not in the sight.
However, my poem is there and it does exist.
It dwells right under my wrist.
The poem is mine and wants to be heard,
but maybe it’s beyond the scope of my words…


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