The God’s Gift

Poem “The god’s gift” by Aiswarya Subramanian

The roses are as red as blood,
Its petals are very soft and light,
It flies away when the wind blows;
It is shining beautifully in the garden.

The leaves add to the beauty of the flower
They make a great colour combination
It is amazing to see the flowers dance
to the tunes of the wind.

Roses give beauty to the nature
Its appearance is lovely and splendid
They are a wonderful gift
presented to this world by God.

The colourful butterflies are
Fluttering its wings round and round
the wonderful queens of the garden
What a marvellous sight is it!

The bees are flying over the flowers
Attracted by its fairness and fragrance
I gazed at it for hours and hours
That I forgot about the time.

To me, the garden denotes kind hearts
The roots connotes to kind thoughts
The roses relate to the kind people around me
I am happy to be blessed with Mother Nature!

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