What If?

Poem “What if?” by Cheshtha Kapoor

What if?
A question we ask to hurt ourselves.

What if I’ve told my therapist about you?
What if I whisper, ‘I got tattooed!’?
What if my nails are long but the color- dull, dim and pale black?
What if I tell you I’m wearing dark pink and black?

What if I foretell that I will fall in love with a friend?
What if I’ve had a heartbreak, cheated?
What if I reveal what’s worse- I cheated?
What if I come into possession of more boyfriends than girlfriends?
What if I confess that I am mistrustful of a friend?

What if I narrate that I unmask and so bare my soul to someone I’ve never met?
What if I was a teaser; won over in a bet?
What if I tremble when a name caresses me?
What if I’m flesh and blood itch’n to let be?
What if I’m mad as a hatter to gossip and exclaim to the mirror?
What if my hush-hush is safe in the nucleus of my teddy bear?

What if I let you know that 8+6 calls on a calculator?
What if I shriek at the hurt of a word, and that I’m cute and admirable?
What if I forewarn that I pin my hope on you and that I’m some more dependable?
What if I’m at an unfound place by good luck and tough work?

What if the destiny doesn’t care?
What if? I keep craving! What if?
A question we ask to hurt ourselves.



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