The Red Blanket

Poem “The Red Blanket” by Tiamat

This is about a girl, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother.
It is about a gorgeous woman.
It is about an elegant lady.
Who was filled with grace, confidence and charm.
Who was ambitious, enthusiastic and fervent.
She had dreams, she dreamt of making it big. She wanted it all, all by herself.
She was not greedy, she was spirited.

But all her vigor fell to ground zero.
Because few men went savage.
Because we as a society failed.
No, we didn’t fail to protect her.
We failed to educate those who couldn’t respect her.
We failed to accept her ambitions.
We failed to admire her charm.
We failed to assent her.

She screamed she cried, she yelled, she screeched.
All ears went deaf
All eyes went blind
All hands froze
And no one rose.

She wanted it all, but all she got was a blanket.
A blanket covered in her own blood.
All she got was a RED BLANKET.

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