The Bond

Poem “The Bond” by Arpita Sukhwani

You were always my angel, always a star
I never judged you and accepted as you are
I Loved you when you were broken
Always stood by your side when you could never open
You are my sweetest memory, can never be replaced
Your name from my heart can never be erased
I know we went through so many misunderstandings
But were they too intense that you abandoned our bonding?
Even after many years,
My heart skips a beat, each time I hear your name
My eyes drown in tears, and memories flood the brain
The way we danced together, the way we sang together
Without any worries in the middle of nowhere
The care and concern for me in your eyes
Were always my favorite sight
The journey through the innocent you
Always helped me find my inner child
You were the only one I could connect to
The one who would understand me when no one could do
U always made me smile when sorrows surrounded me
And taught me not lose to hope when things never went right
And then reality struck me hard
And I realised, what I mistook for love was just your manly regard
Even now, after these years,
When I lie under the starry night
Our fainted memories again gets imprinted on my mind
I pray to God to bind us together forever With a smile
And then cry myself to sleep every night!

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