Conversation with Almighty

Poem “Conversation with Almighty” by Ashutosh Kumar Tripathi

Oh Lord! mightiest of all, give me strength, for I fall short of words
You being ubiquitous and I, still struggling with the fires and swords.
You being the source of eternal fire, that ignites the Universe.
As I stand with blazing eyes, waiting for the light that comes to my escape.
For in this darker world. I find it hard to dig my way through.
You being present within me, as a dilemma between wrong and right.
You being present around me, as I pierce my way through the world full of myths and lies.
No one to look for. Nobody I can trust.
Seems like I will have to fight alone.
The only thing which remains after me will be you.
And will be still be struggling to be a beat out of the undying measures your hand-drum makes.

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