Black & White

Chromologue “Black & White” by Pranjli Singhal & Pavan Kalyan

“Her life is devoid of colors, they say…
But Even my black & white life is full of colors, they don’t realize !!”
The widow heaved a sigh of relief as she looked at her successful upbringing.

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The Droplets

Chromologue “The Droplets” by Nandini Sharma & Ishant

*The droplets rested on the petals with so much trust
Faith that only a mother could give
The petals cared for drops,
Protection only a father could give
Drops and petals shared a serenity
Tranquility only a brother could give.*

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Remember That

Chromologue “Remember That” by Abhishek Jain & Harshit Bhagat

*Remember that shadows are formed where there is light.
Remember that dawns are dusky even after the night.
Remember that if you close your eyes, even the sun won’t last..
Remember that purpose is what we find when all hope is lost!!