The King Khan

Chromologue “The King Khan” by Arpita Sukhwani & Vivekanand Chirputkar

*Don’t live a life without YOU in it. It might not be the best, it might upset the world. But hey who really cares? It’s your soul. It needs to be set free. Give your soul the wings of freedom and your life will be blissful like the one you lived in childhood!!*

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The Red Sky

Chromologue “The Red Sky” by Shivam Yadav & Siddharth Prabhakar

“Mom, red color of the sky is so alluring”, children yammered as the bullock cart sped through the littoral.

“The same red color, buck us out of temples and kitchens every month”, mother panged. Agony and ecstasy merged during itinerary.

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Nature’s Lap

Chromologue ” Nature’s Lap” by Ajay Bhat & Bhargava Nidamarthy Photography

*How would it feel to wake up in mother nature’s lap to her gentle kiss? Nature and its bliss.Bathed in dew, rising to the spotlight, an undulating beauty. A tranquillity to envy. Perhaps it is a far fetched dream for the concrete jungle residents.*

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