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The Droplets

Chromologue “The Droplets” by Nandini Sharma & Ishant

*The droplets rested on the petals with so much trust
Faith that only a mother could give
The petals cared for drops,
Protection only a father could give
Drops and petals shared a serenity
Tranquility only a brother could give.*

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Poem “Holi” by Nandini Sharma
Streets, colleges, homes are full of colours
Red, blue, pink, yellow all sorts of shades,
Planning being done to stain each other
With ‘Gulal’ face body both overlaid.

Seniors also join year mates
Relationships become better and better,
Siblings running behind each other
With buckets full of water.

Now everyone is coloured
The way they have never been,
Everyone has put a real makeup
The way you have never seen.

When you reach someone with colour
Make sure, not only face, not only heart,
Some traces of your colour
Reach their faded heart.


Post 71

That Nightmare Night

Growing louder, my mom’s sound
“Shivam, go to market, and have a round”,
pick some snacks and dry fruit,
not with a vehicle, but on foot.

Went on to the road, it was calm and dark
headed towards the shop, with vision so sharp
suddenly, some dogs did bark
when I gazed around, to hear sound mark.
I was taken aback, by deadly scene,
I have ever found, encircling a girl,
some elder cheap boys, round and round.
I shivered and whispered, God’s name,
something bad’s gonna happen, in front of my frame.
One grabbed her hands, One covered her frowns,
One cut her clothes, while leashing her down.
I called up police, but it might be late,
until then, I can’t just watch and wait.
I picked up a log, like a responsible one,
to save the girl, till police could come.
I shouted for help, like a wolf’s howl,
ran towards them, with a thundering growl.
I fought and fought, against all the men.
but kinda match got a fix, as they were total ten.
Blood of the girl had started to clot,
sooner my efforts ended, with one’s gunshot.
I absorbed a bullet, from a nonlicensed gun,
and all that made, the culprits to run.
Two innocent bodies were lying in blood,
then the police arrive, to stop the red flood.
I knew I was gonna die, I ain’t staying.
But yes, I saved that girl, that’s all I was saying.
Then, I heard a little more, a very disturbing noise,
Wake up Shivam, wake up, it was my mom’s voice.
Then all of a sudden
I was lying on my bed
under the shiny sunny light,
mom was standing in front, I was holding the pillow tight,
I told her all about, that dream and that fight,
and this is how it ended, that nightmare night.


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