The Real Baazigar

“The Real Baazigar” by Kartik Patil KP

Most of us dream of becoming successful, confident and a person of great personality. Same were the ambitions of a young boy named Atul. He was a diligent student who chose BITS Pilani to pursue engineering. In the first semester, he got very excited started watching T.V shows and movies and felt like trying alcohol, weed etc. Initially, he did all this once a month but by the end of the second semester, he got addicted. His parents got separated and he became emotionally disturbed. Three years of college were over now and his poor CGPA made placement a far cry. He realised that he had wasted his talent, but now, he wanted to improve so he decided to not do drugs anymore. With all his will power Still resisted the temptation for drugs but soon his situation got worse and as withdrawal symptoms, he started hallucinating about a man who had a great personality, who didn’t trip while walking, who spoke with great confidence.
The surprising fact was that man looked exactly like him, so he got scared. Seeing himself sitting beside him was no doubt a scary situation for him. Suddenly he started speaking confidently and the boy was dumbfounded observing him. Ten days after quitting drugs he decided to focus on studies and attend classes but he was very weak, pale and unable to get up from the toilet seat. Suddenly, he started hallucinating again, He heard the voice of that guy again asking him to come out as he wanted to get in. After 5 minutes he started shouting and Atul somehow managed to get up and move out of the toilet.
First class was very troubling as he couldn’t understand a single thing and his ability to grasp and think had been severely affected by drugs so his confidence dropped and he thought of sleeping in the class and giving it another shot tomorrow. As he was about to put his head down he started hallucinating and saw a guy standing up and answering the professor’s question. The whole class applauded him and he remembered his school days when got that kind of applause from his classmates. That boy started staring at him and then sat next to him. Atul was leaning back and by his sitting position one could figure out that he was not in a good condition. But by looking at that guy he also sat in a correct posture and started listening to the professor with concentration as a sense of competition rushed down his nerves which made him understand the next concept and he answered professor’s next question and got applauded by classmates. From that day on he started coming to classes regularly and could understand every concept, but the problem didn’t persist as the boy was lonely he didn’t have friends. He was sitting under a tree after 24 days of quitting drugs and he hallucinated again of that same guy who looked exactly like him and saw him talking to boys and flirting with girls.
He got jealous and stood up and walked towards the group of students and introduced himself and shared his story. The students were in a state of sympathy and took him to a cafe with them. Now he had friends too. The semester got over and Atul flourished with a 9.6 CGPA but he hallucinated again, but this time, he found that guy to be the mirror reflection of him – confident and a great personality. His dreams were coming true and at the end of last semester, he got placed in a good company.