Poem “Battle” by Priyanka Adhikari

Poem “Battle” by Priyanka Adhikari
As cold as the winter
As unforgiving as the midsummer sun.
My rage, unfathomable
My heart, Ironclad
I stand my ground
My sword at ready

As cunning as a fox
As deceptive as a spider
Your reign, merciless
Your thought, corrupt
You beckon me forward
For a final battle

Spindly arms reach out to grab me
To drag me in and never let me go
Into depths of Tartarus with them
The damned, the hopeless, the broken
Those who bowed down to you
The terrible monstrosity you are
You take them and spare no one.

Time runs fast and I must end this now,
Your minions approach with steely resolve
We circle each other for one last time
The Deathstroke awaits,
You feign and I falter
I fall to my knees in pain
My vision is blurry, utter silence is all I hear
Your minions take you away

The sky clears up, O! I see sunshine
A sweet summer holiday awaits, happy days await.
That is atleast, till my
Spindly armed
Spiky toothed
Laser-eyed monster
The GPA comes out.

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1st Year of College

Poem “1st Year of College” by Kartik Patil KP
The day I started it, I never thought I’ll end up like this
I want to do this in my own way dad I said
This is college life and I repeated it in my head
So I laid out a plan study, relax and enjoy
Ohh god! Confidence was too high, I thought I would get what I want (- sigh)
Initial days were awesome although I got rejected by many sports teams and departments
I never wanted to get engaged in any other activities which could somehow affect my studies
Some of the tests went well and I spoiled rest
As I took them lite because I could cover up in finals I guessed
The first semester ended and so my did hopes
But the fire never got extinguished, I can still do it as my parents told
So I started fresh with the motive that I will study all the days left
Another mid sem came but this time I was prepared like hell
But luck not seemed to favor me as I did couple of mistakes which heavily cost me
I was in tears as I let down my mother
I made a goal B, which seemed easy
I tried as hard as I could but results turned me down
I needed to get everything right one final time
But I think I had a bag with a tiny hole through which all the marks used to go
Eventually, I would say the day I started it, I never thought I’ll end up like this

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Keeps in darkness for nine months
Hoping to give light forever, like a star;
Bears the pain to welcome us
The ones who completes her.

We cry to leave for the first day of school
To see our tears she shatters the same,
Being strong still sends us away,
Hoping us to add feathers of fame.

And then we reach our teenage
School and tuitions frustrate our brain,
A tight hug at the end of day
On tensions and worries showers the rain.

Preparatory days knock on our door
Keeping us away from the world outside,
In all this tautness beside me, she stands
Keeping me social with her eternal guide.

Hostel life finally comes
Dreams, freedom, I hope to acquire all;
Still two hearts beat for each other
At the end of the day, awaiting a single call.


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The Echo

“It’s going to be home for you soon”, said the father to her 3-year old.
“No..I want to go home now”, she said as well as the welcoming echoes.
19 years later, she could only scream “No.. I don’t want to leave” and the echoes took her to a different time and space while nostalgia was at work tearing her apart.
She could only muse, “When your voice echoes, it’s either the beginning or the end”


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