And the winner of “The Forgotten Pen” is…

*lots of suspense

“The Forgotten Pen” was a great success with people from all over the country participating, full of different emotions be it humour, love, nostalgia. All the entries we received were quite tremendous. The Words Decoded Audience loved them all and this made very difficult to decide a winner. Considering all the aspects including the number of likes and comments, quality of content, uniqueness, the way of presentation and most importantly the connection with the reader, we have come to a conclusion about the winner.

We are happy to announce Shreya Aneja from School of Architecture and Planning [Entry #25] as the winner of the contest and as promised we showcase her work on a brand new “Winner’s Theme”.

Shreya has also accepted our offer to join the team so we would like to welcome her to the family as well.

Finally, I would like to thank our beloved audience for making the contest a success.

Team WordsDecoded



Poem “Battle” by Priyanka Adhikari

Poem “Battle” by Priyanka Adhikari
As cold as the winter
As unforgiving as the midsummer sun.
My rage, unfathomable
My heart, Ironclad
I stand my ground
My sword at ready

As cunning as a fox
As deceptive as a spider
Your reign, merciless
Your thought, corrupt
You beckon me forward
For a final battle

Spindly arms reach out to grab me
To drag me in and never let me go
Into depths of Tartarus with them
The damned, the hopeless, the broken
Those who bowed down to you
The terrible monstrosity you are
You take them and spare no one.

Time runs fast and I must end this now,
Your minions approach with steely resolve
We circle each other for one last time
The Deathstroke awaits,
You feign and I falter
I fall to my knees in pain
My vision is blurry, utter silence is all I hear
Your minions take you away

The sky clears up, O! I see sunshine
A sweet summer holiday awaits, happy days await.
That is atleast, till my
Spindly armed
Spiky toothed
Laser-eyed monster
The GPA comes out.

Post 82

Say Something

Poem “Say Something” by Pratyush Khandelwal

Poem “Say Something” by Pratyush Khandelwal

Say something that you wanna say
Say it like your lips can’t stay
Say something that you can’t say out loud
Say it like there is no whereabout
Say something that no one wants to hear
Say it like there is no shifting gears
Say something that world considers bad
Say it just because you are glad
Say something like there is no one
Say it like “shut up everyone”
Say something from your heart
Say it like there is a missing part
Say it like u are the last man
Say it as long as you can
Say something that you don’t need to borrow
Say it like there is no tomorrow.

Post 72