The King Khan

Chromologue “The King Khan” by Arpita Sukhwani & Vivekanand Chirputkar

*Don’t live a life without YOU in it. It might not be the best, it might upset the world. But hey who really cares? It’s your soul. It needs to be set free. Give your soul the wings of freedom and your life will be blissful like the one you lived in childhood!!*

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Make Me Feel The Right

Poem “Make Me Feel The Right” by Rhea Bhasin

Make my dreams your sky.
No sorrows no scars no cries.
And in this sky of dreams
I’ll stop the dreadful screams,
make my woes soo bright,
that shys even in the light.
In the dark and misty nights,
I’ll take you to the heights,
and like those rising tides
our hearts will fill with delight
Make me feel the right,
Make me feel the right!

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