Self Belief

Poem “Self Belief” by Ajay Bhat

When doubts arise in your mind,
Fear not, I am on your hind.
In the hour of jeopardy, provide I’ll relief,
I am the magical wand of ‘self-belief’.
When the pinnacles of life you scale,
You glide through or seldom fail,
A guide on your ambition trail,
A trump card in your success tales.
A bridge over uncertain times,
In the battlefield of life, a silent hymn.
On the banks of optimism, I live,
To the crestfallen, direction I give.
When the hurdles in life you face,
I tackle optimism to give you pace.
I am you, yet I stay recluse,
While venturing new paths, I give you clues.
In the race, you may fall and give up hope,
It is me who raises you to cope.
The one who cheers you with hope when you are down,
A pinch of my magic erases your frowns.
The tide of challenges when you ride,
The boat of self-belief will be your guide.
A soul-mate through happiness and grief,
The magical wand of self-belief.

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My Best Friend

Poem “My Best Friend” by Pratik Agrawal

Things weren’t that good before I met you
Life was going slow paced is all that I knew,
I was busy coping up with my new school
People there treated me like I was some fool,
But then I saw you and life changed
Listening to their insults and taunts no more pained,
You were the reason I came to school
Now I started pretending to be cool,
I have had a few crushes before
But you were the best among the four,
To me, you smelled so exotic
Chemistry lectures were no more hectic,
You knew I felt for you
But we will be best friends no one ever knew,
The way you dressed and carried that smile
I was able to differentiate you from a mile,
Time took toll and we became best friends
We did things quite awkwardly, going out of the trends,
You were so nice and so blissful
That I had no chance but to be truthful,
I feared that you would leave
Your memories would be the only thing that I would keep,
My heart was so restless to tell you
My lips wanted those magical words to spell through,
You were the best-taking care of me so selflessly
You were the best, loving me so unconditionally,
Our love was something off the beat
It was so pure and had that heat,
I knew you were never going to cheat.

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Poem “Holi” by Nandini Sharma
Streets, colleges, homes are full of colours
Red, blue, pink, yellow all sorts of shades,
Planning being done to stain each other
With ‘Gulal’ face body both overlaid.

Seniors also join year mates
Relationships become better and better,
Siblings running behind each other
With buckets full of water.

Now everyone is coloured
The way they have never been,
Everyone has put a real makeup
The way you have never seen.

When you reach someone with colour
Make sure, not only face, not only heart,
Some traces of your colour
Reach their faded heart.


Post 71

A Friendship

The childish you act, the way you play
You are a child, that’s what you say
Maybe right, maybe wrong
But there’s something in you which is making you strong!

Amicable you are, honest, I say
Kiddo a wrong word, innocently you slay
Curious you are, lazy lad too
But in the game of life, you are always the one whom I can look up to.

One has to cross the ocean
And fight the pirates with full devotion
To unleash the treasure hidden within you
A very adventurous spree which one won’t rue

Your disappointed fake smile to your overwhelming one
But the smile was there when you were almost broken
I have seen it all
But believe me Buddy, I can never watch you fall.

You are a gift, I believe
who has come all the way from heaven
And through every wave we sail together
I hope our friendship gets stronger and lasts forever!


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