Lasts Forever

Poem “Lasts Forever” by Anmol Sachdeva

So today we part with a heavy heart
I’m still stretching my hands towards you
In a hope that we can have another start
I know I have hurt you deep
And it is said as you sow so shall you reap
The weight of remorse will be a burden throughout my life
Something I can never defeat even if I could fight
But darling you will always live in my words
Even though our togetherness will be blurred
I will keep you safe like a flower pressed in pages
Our love’s fragrance will last more than ages
So here I implore to forgive my deeds
My aching heart cries and pleads
For when I had time, I could not keep you mine forever
But we don’t we really miss the winter more only when summer lasts forever?

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The Value of Things

Poem “The Value of Things” by Drisha Sehgal

They say “you don’t value the things you have today”,
Yes, I agree with them,
For all the things I’ve lost,
And seen them others possess,
For all the things I wish I could get back,
And never knew it when I had them.
Now I look forward,
For someone else,
To do what I was supposed to do,
To be who I was supposed to be,
To have all my lost possessions.
There’s nothing I can do but wail and watch,
Till time heals all the wounds it gave,
And with a final blow which knocks me down,
Tears all the dreams and makes no sound,
I lose the grip of all my hope,
And walk with a bent head,
To my so-called home.

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Gone Forever

Poem “Gone Forever” by Abhishek Jain

When I thought of you,
I thought of beauty coloring my mind
With the pastels of joy.

When I looked at you,
I saw an angel walking around me
Fading all my strains away.

N when I smelt your hair,
My nerves filled with your fragrance.
N when I kissed your lips,
All sicknesses washed away.

Now I feel so numb, nothing can I feel,
Coz it was you, the one that made me heal.
Now I feel so alone, can’t forget all those nights,
Coz it was you, the one to bear all my lights.
Now I feel so dead, nothing makes me feel alive,
Coz it is you, the one I wish I can bring back to life.

Why have you closed your eyes
And gone forever?
Why have you left us both alone
And gone forever?

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The Goodbye

Poem “The Goodbye” by Arpita Sukhwani

Standing at the forged road, looking at you
Eyes were filled with tears but mask was happy too
Life was so perfect when you were by my side
And the thought is so revolting that the lovely bond we shared can never be revived
With so many lovely memories of ours in my heart
Sister, it’s arduous to bid the heartiest GOODBYE!

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