Self Belief

Poem “Self Belief” by Ajay Bhat

When doubts arise in your mind,
Fear not, I am on your hind.
In the hour of jeopardy, provide I’ll relief,
I am the magical wand of ‘self-belief’.
When the pinnacles of life you scale,
You glide through or seldom fail,
A guide on your ambition trail,
A trump card in your success tales.
A bridge over uncertain times,
In the battlefield of life, a silent hymn.
On the banks of optimism, I live,
To the crestfallen, direction I give.
When the hurdles in life you face,
I tackle optimism to give you pace.
I am you, yet I stay recluse,
While venturing new paths, I give you clues.
In the race, you may fall and give up hope,
It is me who raises you to cope.
The one who cheers you with hope when you are down,
A pinch of my magic erases your frowns.
The tide of challenges when you ride,
The boat of self-belief will be your guide.
A soul-mate through happiness and grief,
The magical wand of self-belief.

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Conversation with Almighty

Poem “Conversation with Almighty” by Ashutosh Kumar Tripathi

Oh Lord! mightiest of all, give me strength, for I fall short of words
You being ubiquitous and I, still struggling with the fires and swords.
You being the source of eternal fire, that ignites the Universe.
As I stand with blazing eyes, waiting for the light that comes to my escape.
For in this darker world. I find it hard to dig my way through.
You being present within me, as a dilemma between wrong and right.
You being present around me, as I pierce my way through the world full of myths and lies.
No one to look for. Nobody I can trust.
Seems like I will have to fight alone.
The only thing which remains after me will be you.
And will be still be struggling to be a beat out of the undying measures your hand-drum makes.

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Remember That

Chromologue “Remember That” by Abhishek Jain & Harshit Bhagat

*Remember that shadows are formed where there is light.
Remember that dawns are dusky even after the night.
Remember that if you close your eyes, even the sun won’t last..
Remember that purpose is what we find when all hope is lost!!