The Lost Battle

Poem “The lost battle” by Rushikesh

Poem “The lost battle” by Rushikesh

I tried to forget her, but how I would?
She was there, beautiful, and here my heart holding all it could,
It always happened with me, whenever I tried to forget her, I never could.

Something was there which changed my open attitude-behavior into shyness in front of her,,
Whenever I saw her, I was at loss of words,,
Not only my heart but even my soul loved her,,
Don’t know why I couldn’t resist the love for her;

Whatever it was, it gave pleasure in pain,,
How can anyone say, in love, there is no gain,,
I know my love will not go in vain;

The friendly teasing which made me blush,,
don’t know why she is still my crush,,
But my feelings were so much in rush,,
I couldn’t even speak when she did with slush;

I don’t know now what to do,
Regret being so introvert,,
And now I cannot stop thinking about her, I had this hard feeling in my gut,,
I don’t know how to end this thing,,
To express each emotion, it would take me everything.

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