1st Year of College

Poem “1st Year of College” by Kartik Patil KP
The day I started it, I never thought I’ll end up like this
I want to do this in my own way dad I said
This is college life and I repeated it in my head
So I laid out a plan study, relax and enjoy
Ohh god! Confidence was too high, I thought I would get what I want (- sigh)
Initial days were awesome although I got rejected by many sports teams and departments
I never wanted to get engaged in any other activities which could somehow affect my studies
Some of the tests went well and I spoiled rest
As I took them lite because I could cover up in finals I guessed
The first semester ended and so my did hopes
But the fire never got extinguished, I can still do it as my parents told
So I started fresh with the motive that I will study all the days left
Another mid sem came but this time I was prepared like hell
But luck not seemed to favor me as I did couple of mistakes which heavily cost me
I was in tears as I let down my mother
I made a goal B, which seemed easy
I tried as hard as I could but results turned me down
I needed to get everything right one final time
But I think I had a bag with a tiny hole through which all the marks used to go
Eventually, I would say the day I started it, I never thought I’ll end up like this

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