Say Something

Poem “Say Something” by Pratyush Khandelwal

Poem “Say Something” by Pratyush Khandelwal

Say something that you wanna say
Say it like your lips can’t stay
Say something that you can’t say out loud
Say it like there is no whereabout
Say something that no one wants to hear
Say it like there is no shifting gears
Say something that world considers bad
Say it just because you are glad
Say something like there is no one
Say it like “shut up everyone”
Say something from your heart
Say it like there is a missing part
Say it like u are the last man
Say it as long as you can
Say something that you don’t need to borrow
Say it like there is no tomorrow.

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Poem “Perseverance” by Ajay Bhat

Rising from the ashes to the infinite sky, Hurdle after Hurdle, I fight.
Competing against myself,
Scale I, the mountain of enlightenment, Run I, the marathon of life.
Even when the going gets tough, I TRY.
It is not always the rise though, To the wall of failure, I often bow. Each loss a lesson I learn,
To break the barriers and proceed, I TRY.
When the sky is overcast, dreams clouded, Feeling low, waiting for the ‘light’. Mustering hope and declining to give up, I refrain from tossing the die of luck, I TRY.
In the race of life, I run, slow down or fall, But I keep moving irrespective of all. With time and courage by my side,
I do not expect,
Each failure will be a friend rather than a burden, Only then will I reach the finish line. Persevering through the challenges, I will rise, Complacency is not the end as I will still TRY.

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Never Give Up

Poem “Never Give Up” by Arpita Sukhwani
When there’s no light,
No hope, till the farthest point!
Don’t consider the time to be the worst one,
’cause my friend, the worst is yet to come!

But worry you not
The days spent by thee, will make you strong.
Getting out of the plight gracefully,
Will make you a champion!

Hard times do come as a challenge,
But changing it to your terms;
Defines your grace
And glorifies your strength.

Relinquished faith and shattered hearts Are a common part of the spree.
You have to rise and stand against all odds,
No one but for the crippled thee.

So don’t give up, do cheer up,
’cause journey begins there!
And remember, even the darkest and gloomy nights
Leads to a beautiful dawn!

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