The Droplets

Chromologue “The Droplets” by Nandini Sharma & Ishant

*The droplets rested on the petals with so much trust
Faith that only a mother could give
The petals cared for drops,
Protection only a father could give
Drops and petals shared a serenity
Tranquility only a brother could give.*

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Enigmatic Silence

Chromologue “Enigmatic Silence” by Arpita Sukhwani

*”What’s your idea of perfect romantic date”, he asked her.
“We lay in the Sun shone, green lush grass, holding hands and saying absolutely nothing. I just want to feel you there, close to me, hear nothing but your breaths and finally lose myself into you.You, me and silence, lost in the wilderness of nature is what I picturised as a perfect date.” She smiled.*

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Nature’s Lap

Chromologue ” Nature’s Lap” by Ajay Bhat & Bhargava Nidamarthy Photography

*How would it feel to wake up in mother nature’s lap to her gentle kiss? Nature and its bliss.Bathed in dew, rising to the spotlight, an undulating beauty. A tranquillity to envy. Perhaps it is a far fetched dream for the concrete jungle residents.*

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