Poem “Rejuvenation” by Ajay Bhat

The intense summer was survived,
And after the herald, the rains have arrived.
The rain drops hitting the ground,
Their mind-pacifying sound.
The soil’s moist fragrance fills the air,
Mother Nature is replenishing us with care.
The chirping of birds and raindrops on leaves,
The rejoicing of farmers as they fall on their knees.
Rains are here!! Let’s shout and play,
Keep stomping your feet in the clay.
The raindrops kiss your skin,
It’s time to enjoy with kin.
Take the gumboots, raincoat and cap,
Wake up! It isn’t time for a nap.
Explore nature and in its beauty you drench yourselves,
With friends, you merrily dance like elves.
The monsoon experience is no doubt, enthralling,
The trees, mountains, rivers are all calling.
Be amazed by nature’s alchemy
Its generosity will compel you to forget I and me.
Be glad to be the citizen of nature’s monsoon kingdom,
Without bias it has given you freedom.
Tackling the selfish desires of man,
Nature is caring for us, till it can.
But after the short spell the rain has ceased,
The sky is clear, but many have been pleased.

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The Flowers

Chromologue “The Flowers” by Aiswarya Subramanian & Gaurav Kumar

When in solitude, things fall into perspective. How beautiful are these flowers, blossoming under the sun in all its glory, truly beautiful, though they know that come one day, they will be under the ground. “Why?”, I wonder, Why can’t we homo sapiens bloom like them, today and forget about tomorrow. Alas! That day shall seldom come.

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Echoing Epiphanies

Chromologue “Echoing Epiphanies” by Shreya Aneja & Arijit Goswami

“There is a certain nonchalance about green mountains and the snow capped.
A little of you and a little of me ..yet they blend as winter comes.”

The young glider finally understood how even being as different as night and day, people stayed in love throughout their lives!

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