That Nightmare Night

Growing louder, my mom’s sound
“Shivam, go to market, and have a round”,
pick some snacks and dry fruit,
not with a vehicle, but on foot.

Went on to the road, it was calm and dark
headed towards the shop, with vision so sharp
suddenly, some dogs did bark
when I gazed around, to hear sound mark.
I was taken aback, by deadly scene,
I have ever found, encircling a girl,
some elder cheap boys, round and round.
I shivered and whispered, God’s name,
something bad’s gonna happen, in front of my frame.
One grabbed her hands, One covered her frowns,
One cut her clothes, while leashing her down.
I called up police, but it might be late,
until then, I can’t just watch and wait.
I picked up a log, like a responsible one,
to save the girl, till police could come.
I shouted for help, like a wolf’s howl,
ran towards them, with a thundering growl.
I fought and fought, against all the men.
but kinda match got a fix, as they were total ten.
Blood of the girl had started to clot,
sooner my efforts ended, with one’s gunshot.
I absorbed a bullet, from a nonlicensed gun,
and all that made, the culprits to run.
Two innocent bodies were lying in blood,
then the police arrive, to stop the red flood.
I knew I was gonna die, I ain’t staying.
But yes, I saved that girl, that’s all I was saying.
Then, I heard a little more, a very disturbing noise,
Wake up Shivam, wake up, it was my mom’s voice.
Then all of a sudden
I was lying on my bed
under the shiny sunny light,
mom was standing in front, I was holding the pillow tight,
I told her all about, that dream and that fight,
and this is how it ended, that nightmare night.


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