Nature’s Lap

Chromologue ” Nature’s Lap” by Ajay Bhat & Bhargava Nidamarthy Photography

*How would it feel to wake up in mother nature’s lap to her gentle kiss? Nature and its bliss.Bathed in dew, rising to the spotlight, an undulating beauty. A tranquillity to envy. Perhaps it is a far fetched dream for the concrete jungle residents.*

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The Flowers

Chromologue “The Flowers” by Aiswarya Subramanian & Gaurav Kumar

When in solitude, things fall into perspective. How beautiful are these flowers, blossoming under the sun in all its glory, truly beautiful, though they know that come one day, they will be under the ground. “Why?”, I wonder, Why can’t we homo sapiens bloom like them, today and forget about tomorrow. Alas! That day shall seldom come.

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