Never Worth

Poem “Never Worth” by Abhishek Jain

Poem “Never Worth” by Abhishek Jain

Maybe it’s not worth fighting for,
Maybe it’s not worth waiting for,
Coz who cares about us!
We’re mere gaseous beings.
Surety of our existence has never been,
Our bodies set free forever.
Us souls, discontent as ever.
This afterlife as Spirits and Ghosts
Maybe it was not worth dying for.

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The Feelings

They really didn’t matter, the feelings, hard and painful feelings.

They really didn’t matter, the feelings, hard and painful feelings.
It’s a thought you know, feeling for someone, missing someone, loving someone. It’s all just a thought.
A thought about loving someone, that thought which is also about not getting that love back, is painful, sometimes more than heart could bear and sometimes it could just let the pain pass and have us give a smile to show, mere display though, which is virtual in reality however real to that someone.

In Desolation? A state so cumbersome, that nothing seems alive, nothing surpassable and also
infinite times become that pain when you know that for the ‘other someone’, you really didn’t matter, the feelings, the hard and the painful feelings. They just didn’t and will never matter. Sometimes matter, sometimes don’t?

Hence prioritization.
It can affect everything in the current place that it is if looked another way.
Hence, to be an option of that someone’s prioritization will eventually be detrimental.

So, for the world, just have a smile to show which is virtual in reality however real for the world and especially to that exceptional someone.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Poem “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Abhishek Jain

Through the whistles of the silent air
Blows a dark secret.
And beyond the careless whispers
Flow traces of invincible despair…

What has rushed forth
Into a pool of the wrong and dirt.
Never has it made back to the surface
Be it dead or alive…

Coz misled paths with a broken soul
Ain’t the worst fears that take a toll.
Much worse is the delusion to find embracement
On the same faithless pavement…

When the thoughts have taken you down
When the life has lost its savour.
Don’t forget to remember…
What revives all dead and broken
And breaks down the fear of being feared.
Ain’t an illusion or dream
But, a purpose for you to redeem…

Just think about your loved ones
For whom a lot you matter..
And their tender hearts
Coz you’re the one to make them better…

Nothing in this world can last forever
But nothing in this life can take forever.
So wait all you want to
And wait all you’ve got to.
Don’t let the clocks tick off ever
Coz you know, nothing in this world lasts forever!!

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