A Friendship

The childish you act, the way you play
You are a child, that’s what you say
Maybe right, maybe wrong
But there’s something in you which is making you strong!

Amicable you are, honest, I say
Kiddo a wrong word, innocently you slay
Curious you are, lazy lad too
But in the game of life, you are always the one whom I can look up to.

One has to cross the ocean
And fight the pirates with full devotion
To unleash the treasure hidden within you
A very adventurous spree which one won’t rue

Your disappointed fake smile to your overwhelming one
But the smile was there when you were almost broken
I have seen it all
But believe me Buddy, I can never watch you fall.

You are a gift, I believe
who has come all the way from heaven
And through every wave we sail together
I hope our friendship gets stronger and lasts forever!


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