The Red Sky

Chromologue “The Red Sky” by Shivam Yadav & Siddharth Prabhakar

“Mom, red color of the sky is so alluring”, children yammered as the bullock cart sped through the littoral.

“The same red color, buck us out of temples and kitchens every month”, mother panged. Agony and ecstasy merged during itinerary.

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Then Why

Poem “Then Why” by Shivam Yadav
The world is brimming,
Of people so wise.
Where everyone encounters,
the same sunrise.
We keep radiating wisdom,
on veracity of death.
Then why we cry,
on one’s sudden demise?

The daughter, full of flair,
can rule the globe.
The son has got veins,
to lead any mob.
The womb gifted them,
with unique tinctures.
Then why parents clout,
for a government job?

We stare at a girl,
wandering in shorts.
We praise the society,
for refurbishing a lot.
We palaver about equality,
We gab about feminism.
Then why we authorize,
our sister’s clothes?

All the answers,
have got lessons of life.
But as a run of the mill,
they are cryptic and rife.
We definitely got junctures,
to make them patent.
Then why we always,
show case our strife?

This society has got injuries,
which needs alleviation.
World has got predicament,
which needs total cremation.
The novice youth demands,
to create the change.
Then why shouldn’t we,
first learn the creation?
Then why shouldn’t we,
first learn the creation?

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The Red Blanket

Poem “The Red Blanket” by Tiamat

This is about a girl, a daughter, a sister, a wife, a mother.
It is about a gorgeous woman.
It is about an elegant lady.
Who was filled with grace, confidence and charm.
Who was ambitious, enthusiastic and fervent.
She had dreams, she dreamt of making it big. She wanted it all, all by herself.
She was not greedy, she was spirited.

But all her vigor fell to ground zero.
Because few men went savage.
Because we as a society failed.
No, we didn’t fail to protect her.
We failed to educate those who couldn’t respect her.
We failed to accept her ambitions.
We failed to admire her charm.
We failed to assent her.

She screamed she cried, she yelled, she screeched.
All ears went deaf
All eyes went blind
All hands froze
And no one rose.

She wanted it all, but all she got was a blanket.
A blanket covered in her own blood.
All she got was a RED BLANKET.

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